Major Depression Symptoms

"anxiety disorders"Now let me guess, it’s not your fault, nothing is your fault, everything that's happen to you is a result of your parents. Your parents were horrible people, they never really took care of you, they never really looked after you. When you were young, your parents never really gave you anything that you really wanted. They treat your siblings better than you, they helped people who were pretty much just friends before they would help you. They never showed up to any of your games or events. They never supported you in any way shape or form, they’ve use you in some way or another. Your father was never really in your life. Your mother was in your life you wish she wasn’t, because she never really provide you with anything significant that make you feel better. You hate your parents they are the reason you are the way you are right now, there’s no hope for you and they’re to blame. This kind of thing is like the ultimate negative thinking.
When you blame someone else for every single thing that went wrong in your life, then you give them power over your entire life for the rest of your life, there is absolutely no return from this position. If you don't look at yourself and say, I am responsible for at lease half of these events, you will not make any progress at all. You’ll continue to blame everyone else for your problems. Everyone has it hard growing up being a parent isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Especially when you already sucked as a human being in the first place, and then you have children, most likely your not going to be that good at raising them. Most likely the person that raised them was not nearly as good as raising them as you thought they were. They probably didn’t have this magical upbringing that you imagine. Because of that they have no idea how to treat a kid, because they are kids. Even in their old age their kids. They never grew up, and because they never grew up, they never gained the ability to properly raise a child. Forgive them move on with your life and stop blaming people for your problems. Trust me, your parents are not the worst parents in the world, realistically your parents are probably identical to about 85% of all the parents around the world, regardless of status social standing or race. So don't blame your anxiety disorders, depression symptoms or heavy use of depression drugs on them. Most parents don’t know what they’re doing! Therefore you forgive them and get your life back on track and focus on you. For more information on this topic please Click Here!
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